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  1. sassafras
    Happy that the bracketed exposures are VERY each to take. I have been sticking with the 3 stop exposures lately. Very good results with Luminar's new HDR app called Aurora (which produced better...
  2. MileHighSi
    @sassafras Yes, you can do basic exposure bracketing (3 / preset stop values) in the DJI Go app. I'm not sure if the app combines them for you, but you get access to the three originals on the SD...
  3. Gaston Fama
    Funcionó despues? Lo pudiste hacer andar o compraste otro? Vi que pusiste un video despues de este...
  4. sassafras
    Looks like a nice shot. Looks a bit over sharpened as it has an odd pebbly grain to it. Would love to see the full-res version, as I am guessing this is down sampled. I bought the Spark mostly for...