RE-reduced Spark Fly More Combo, Case, Refresh, and OTG cable

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    I'm selling my Spark and all accessories shown / described because I also have a Mavic and finally decided I don't need both. I bought the Spark after crashing the Mavic and having severe withdrawl. Since the repair was complete on the Mavic, I have kept the Spark with me instead of the Mavic because it was lighter and easier to carry with me to work and back. I've had over a month to decide which one to sell and it basically came down to not knowing what to do - so I'm keeping the more expensive one.

    This was purchased as a fly-less Spark. I then ordered the charger (not shown but is the DJI 3 battery charging station), controller (protective plastic still in place), and extra battery (total of 2 included, case has room for one more) from Advexure. The wonderful case came from FStopLabs. It has survived many days in a vehicle, being on job sites, and riding in our camper on vacation all the while keeping the Spark and accessories together and safe. Because this was a fly-less Spark when new, it has extra props, outlet plug and micro USB cable as well (not sure if fly more combos have the plug and cable). Refresh was purchased almost immediately and was never used.

    I'm located in Western PA and would be happy to meet up and do a flying demo with this unit before purchase. It has never failed me and never been crashed. Flew great with iPhone before the controller arrived. All firmware updates have been done and this has only been flown with Go4. Flown mainly OTG with both iPhone and Android, but also some with wifi (iphone only) before I got the OTG cable. The only thing I can't attest to is hand signals because I never wanted to control it that way so I never tried. Will not split up. If you want to fly OTG with an Apple product, you'll need your own standard iPhone cable but otherwise you're ready to fly out of the box. Price is $655 Thanks for looking. Spark.jpg
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    2 **** high dude. nobody is going to pay that.