Gesture Control - Follow/Beckon problem

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by charliespark, Apr 10, 2018.

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    Some help from you experts please.
    I was practicing Gesture control and got Spark into follow me mode which it did for a sort while and then lost me. It hovered front lights flashing yellow and also kept turning to face me' but not coming any closer or further away. Everthing I did to beckon it or get it to recognose me again failed and evetually I just had to wait for the battery to run out and Spark to land. Whathould I have done to get it to come back?
    As an after note when she finally landed it had been in the air 15.4 minutes!
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    Aug 1, 2017
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    Gesture mode in the Spark is notoriously bad, and I would recommend you NOT use gesture mode without an RC or phone connected, so that you can take control and land it in situations like this (or worse as I experienced).

    That said, in fully disconnected gesture mode, I believe there is a distance limit of 10M, so if it followed you that far, it will go no farther.

    Also, try making gestures with your hand in a fist. Supposedly that works better.
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    DITTO.... gesture is one of the reasons I chose the Spark but after trying it a couple of times..... I never use it. Too buggy. Too unreliable. Definitely not quick and easy.

    Oh.... I too tried the "follow" command using gesture. It followed me for about 15 yards down the street and then stopped about 25 feet up and was just stuck there. I could not get it to respond. I had to wait out the battery until it auto landed. Have not tried it since.... no way.