Can't connect to WiFi of rc

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    Hi guys n girls,

    I've had my spark for two weeks (due to work constraint I've had little time to try use it) but I can't connect to it with my Google pixel 2 xl nor my iPad mini.
    My dad connected to it with his iPhone and was good but I can't connect to it at all!
    Using the dji go 4 app I get to step three in the the connect to WiFi (I have the fly more pack) and get to step three with the rc and it doesn't connect, even using the manual connection it can't find the net work.
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    Jun 28, 2017
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    If you have the remote controller (RC), it is highly recommended to use it. See manual page 38 how to connect it. In any case for reasonable use, you will need it.
    There are 2 mode for the connection to Spark, with the RC or directly with your device (phone or tablet). The switch between these modes are done using the button on the battery of the Spark.
    See again end of page 38 and begin of 39 for how to switch from one mode to the other.
    When the Spark is set to use the RC, it don't show any wifi SSID et it is the to the RC wifi that you need to connect.
    In direct mode, the Spark generate a visible wifi signal. At start the Spark decide which band to use 2.4/5.8G and if RC used, then the RC use the other band. Some android devices had issue to connect to 5.8G wifi band if you are in a non FFC country (CE). That was my case with a S6 where a S8 or IOS devices have not that issue.
    Hope it helps.