AACU = Acronyms & Abbreviations Commonly Used

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    Many people have asked for it, and many people have answered them. Here is a list of terms used in the RC hobby. I gathered these from too many post to give credit to all the people who helped create this, but you know who you are.
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    *Please message me to add any relevant ones I missed.

    AC = Aircraft

    AGL = Above Ground Level

    AMA = Academy of Model Aeronautics

    AMSL = Above Mean Sea Level

    ARTF = Almost ready to fly

    ASL = Above Sea Level

    ATTI = Attitude

    AUW = All Up Weight

    BNF = Bind n Fly (transmitter)

    BTU= Blue Tooth Unit

    BLOS = Beyond line of sight

    BMFA - British Model Flying Association

    Cal= Calibration

    CA = Collision Avoidance

    CAA = Civil Aviation Authority (UK Regulator)

    CAAS = Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (Singapore Regulator)

    CL = Course Lock
    CL - Control Line

    CSC combination stick command

    DJI = Da-Jiang Innovation

    ESC= electronic speed controller

    FAA = Federal Aviation Administration (US Regulator)

    FF - Free Flight

    FPV = first person view

    FRZ - Flight Restricted Zone

    FS = Failsafe

    GHz = Giga-hertz

    GPS = Global Positioning System

    HL = Home Lock

    IR = Internal Resistance

    IOC = Intelligent Orientation Control

    IMU - Inertial Measurement Unit

    LHCP = Left Hand Circular Polarized

    LiPo = Lithium-Polymer (battery)

    LOS = Line of sight

    MC = Main controller

    NAS - National Airspace System

    NFZ - No Fly Zone

    MHz = Mega-hertz

    MSL = Mean Sea Level

    Nicad = Nickle Cadmium

    NOTAM = Notice to Airmen

    OA = Obstacle Avoidance

    OP = Original Poster

    POI = Point of Interest

    RC = Remote Control

    RHCP = Right Hand Circular Polarized

    RTF = Ready to fly

    RTH = Return To Home

    RTM = Read The Manual

    Rx = Receiver

    SFOC = Special Flight Operation Certificates

    SFRA - Special Flight Rules Area

    SOC = State Of Charge

    SUA = Small Unmanned Aircraft (What the CAA call what we fly)

    SUSA = Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft (What the CAA call what we fly)

    sUAS = Small unmanned aircraft system (what the FAA calls what we fly)

    TCCA = Transport Canada Civil Aviation

    TFR = Temporary Flight Restriction

    Tx = Transmitter

    UAV = Unmanned aerial vehicle

    VLOS = Visual line of sight

    VRS = Vortex Ring State

    VTx - Video Transmitter

    VRx - Video Receiver

    VPS = Visual Positioning System
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